As an antidote to the increasing speed of change in fast fashion, I consciously want to slow things down and work to a smaller scale. My collections are modern re-workings of classic items and I aim to create timeless pieces that can be worn “off-duty” wherever or however you are relaxing. Quality knitwear for your quality time.

The Yarn

All of the yarns used are high quality natural materials, manufactured within the UK.  I work with a yarn merchant in Rochdale to source redundant industrial waste yarn from high end UK labels that would otherwise end up in landfill.  I combine this with cashmere and lambswool from a small Scottish mill that has been in continuous operation since 1778.  This means that many of my ranges are limited editions and very low waste.  And they are all made with great care and attention to detail.  Everything is machine washable and comes with full care instructions and spare yarn.  Each garment is intended to be kept and cherished for a lifetime..

The Machines

Each of my knitting machines are inherited or bought second hand. It’s amazing how many people I meet have a knitting machine gathering dust in an attic or cupboard or know a family member who used to have a machine. Yet machine knitting is a craft that is often overlooked in favour of the more in vogue hand knitting and crochet.  Whilst I love both of these, and macramé too, I am passionate about promoting machine knitting as a creative outlet as well. Through open studio events, demonstrations and workshops I aim to encourage people onto the next step of knitting with a machine, which opens up a whole other dimension.

100% Handmade

Everything from Whitehall Studio, including every pattern, is created by me.  I strongly believe in original work and am particularly inspired by the past and heritage; my final collection was based around derelict houses in Burnley and LS Lowry!  I am also drawn to folk and vintage patterns and mid-century design.  I love colour and patterns and this can be seen in all my work.

Hebden Bridge

I live in a beautiful part of the country, near to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, and the unique surroundings here always influence my work. As does the Yorkshire weather!  I love the outdoors and when I’m not knitting in my studio, I’m out running.  Although I’ve still not conquered my fear of fell running!  This outdoor, off-duty lifestyle is always front of mind when I’m thinking about the end use of my garments.