Machine knitting workshops 2019


Both of my parents were teachers - and it made me fairly convinced that I never wanted to become one myself! However, here I am, running regular workshops and “teaching’ people to machine knit. Luckily for me it never feels like teaching - I aim to make all the “classes” feel like a friendly get together where you can learn how to do things and have plenty of time to experiment and adapt. And I have been really lucky to welcome a bunch of really lovely students who are all really eager to begin their journey or expand on their knowledge.

I have to admit that at the start I found the whole experience very nerve wracking and would spend days before a class agonising about all the things that could go wrong. As I’ve gone along I can settle the nerves more easily and look forward to the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and experience. Some of the classes have run for a couple of years now and, whilst never complacent, I feel more comfortable with what to expect.

Each year I add new classes after listening to feedback throughout the year and 2019 will be no different. This year we have a new week-long masterclass to make a cardigan and a level two course for those who have mastered the basics and want to progress further. More nerves for me, as I plan them out and test them to make sure they will run smoothly. But much more fun as well, as I welcome back friendly faces and see how far they’ve come since we met last time.

I now also regularly go back to my University to teach final year students and try to inspire them to include machine knitting in their fashion collections. I love these dates, when the sky really is the limit with what we can try and it makes me come back to my little studio full of fresh ideas!

So here I am, a teacher after all! I think my dad would be proud …

For full details on all the classes running in 2019 see here.