Caring for your knitwear

Every item I make at Whitehall Studio is designed to be worn and kept forever - and this means it needs to be easy to care for. This starts before you even receive your item - once knitted every piece is hand washed and then machine washed to help remove any residual oils from the yarn and to help block it into the final shape. It also helps to make the yarn super warm and fluffy!

This means that you are able to machine wash it yourself following the care instructions I send out with each order (see below). But remember the more often you wash any garment the quicker it will degrade so I recommend that you don’t wash items until they need it - not after every single use. I tend to wash my cowl and wrist warmers once or twice a season, and my socks after a few wears. This will help keep them in tip-top condition longer.

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WashcareNic Corrigan