Machine Knitting myth # 1 - "Using a machine is cheating"

This is the first in a series of posts aiming to de-bunk some of the myths that surround machine knitting.

The longer I have spent working in the dark craft of knitting by machine, the more I have come across a lot of preconceived ideas about what it does and doesn’t involve. A lot of these thoughts seem to have a negative slant and I’m really passionate about setting the record straight. So here goes!

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Cold hands, warm heart ....

warm toes, warmer heart! What better way to woo your Valentine than with a matching pair of his ’n’ hers socks (or his/his, her/her). Normally the socks are £36 each but buy a special gift set wrapped up together for just £62 and save £10.

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Local yarn for local knitters

Knitting with yarn from the Calder Valley

Now that Christmas is fading away and 2019 is in full swing, I have been able to get back into the creative design process a bit more. And I’m really excited about the first two projects I have lined up and wanted to share a little background and work in progress.

Back in late 2017 I started working with two farmers who had their own Ryeland sheep. One of the ladies was a partner in a commercial farm and already used their fleeces to spin and sell natural Ryeland yarn through her own website. The other lady had a smaller flock that she cared for personally and was looking at sustainable ways to use the fleeces rather than binning them. The thing that really grabbed my interest with both of these was the fact that the sheep were reared less than 10 miles from my studio.

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